The player gets a first-hand experience of the characters of Talking Tom and Friends. Ginger: No special abilities. While watching a horror movie, Tom and Angela get spooked out by Hank and Ginger due to it being dark, and get spooked again by the pizza deliveryman. So, yes, you should give it a shot. There’s only so much crazy a girl can take, after all! Later, while the friends go for a walk, the witch arrives in disguise and takes Ben to his home while Tom, Angela and Hank report to the Crystal Mentor, and ransacks the room, leaving a booby trap which turns Tom into a baby when they find Ben's room ransacked. Tom drops his crystal when fighting Ben and Hank for fun, and Ginger takes it. Tom then cleans the house, going as far as removing furniture, and even puts his pet in the trash, and is forced to rescue it when the garbage bag rolls off, and then stop the bag from rolling over Hank. Then he uses it to go to his friends' hero headquarters, and gets a new hero costume elevator of his own. Hank, who is unaware that the toilet is connected to the geysers, ends up sucking Tom and Angela through the toilet. Hank then goes back to the tribe to recover the fruits he was gifted with. Talking Tom Heroes is an ongoing South Korean-British-American web series featuring Talking Tom and his friends. However, Tom and his friends turn out to be terrible guests - Tom checks out all the rooms, Hank is a messy eater, Ginger tries Angela's jewellery and Ben uses his drone indoors, and Angela sends them away. [227] While it is true that in the game with child mode off Angela does ask for the user's name, age and personal preferences to determine conversation topics, Outfit7 has said that this information is all "anonymized" and all personal information is removed from it. While jogging, Tom gets lost and comes across an abandoned contraption. The movie is successful – but as a despondent Ginger leaves, he finds out that he was given credits for giving a use for props, much to his delight. Meanwhile, the friends use their powers to fix the hero headquarters, and leave to fight a garbage-spewing monster. My Talking Tom Friends is a fun game that would be great for passing time. The gang attempts to stop the monster and succeed by dousing it with water. After the heroes congratulate him, he runs off with gold, resuming their chase. However, while returning home, Tom and Ginger run into Hank and he drops the microwave down the stairs, and Ben tries to repair it. Later, Tom goes alone to clear up a landslide, but spends his time showing off instead of working, and clears up the landslide only with his friends' help. The description of My Talking Tom Friends From the creators of insanely popular virtual pet games My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, and other worldwide successful titles, comes a revolution in virtual pet simulation! Armed with cameras, tech gear, loads of ideas, great friends and an unfailing sense of optimism, Tom is sure that his ideas are going to take off and that his garage studio beginnings will make a great “origin story” one day. Choi Hyeong Gyu, Lee Eun Chong and Jo Ayeong. When Angela, Ginger and Hank ignore Ben, being preoccupied with their problems and activities, Ben and Tom decide to stage a magic show for their friends. Angela's car breaks down on her way to a recording session at a studio. Protagonists-Talking Tom: He is a Grey-Tabby Cat, and one of the Co-Founders of Tom and Ben Enterprises, And is basically like the Leader of the Group of Friends, He is the Guy who always comes back with big ideas for inventions and apps, but they don’t always tend to go the way he wishes. Meanwhile Ginger and his friends go to the ocean to find the turtle. The turtle arrives with its mother and bites the octopus, freeing Ginger, and Ginger and the turtle say their goodbyes as Ginger lets the turtle live with its family. The friends play another match, and even though the friends choose less obvious places, Tom finds all of them except Ginger, who hid in a trash can. Angela yells at Tom and Ben for spitting watermelon seeds at her, when they find Hank sleeping in the refrigerator. Tom and Hank are on an unknown planet, when Tom sees a star, and wishes to give it to Angela. The friends, along with the yeti, make slime, when the yeti ruins his by accident. Extra episodes: Tom, Hank and Angela throw a music party, when Tom accidentally destroys the speakers. His friends find him being treated as the king of the tribe (as he gifted them with the contents of his bag) and bring Hank and his bag back safely by distracting the tribe, and get it fixed. Tom and his friends go after Ginger to save him but when he gets stuck in the middle of a frozen lake which is cracking, they instead calm the yeti down, and get the yeti to help save him. A giant pumpkin starts to kill all nearby plants by sucking nutrients, and the friends kill it by plugging its veins. Tom accidentally throws candy at his pet, and discovering that candy neutralises the magic, makes Angela return to normal and plugs the wand's end, only for Hank to unplug it and use the wand on himself. The 2012 Finals then ended on June 21. While lost, Angela makes a fire for Hank and Hank gives half of his food for Angela. Find out when Talking Tom And Friends is on TV, including Series 5-Episode 26: Talking Roy And Friends. So, Hank tries different glasses but is unable to see the TV clearly. Angela goes to Tom's house to yell at him, when Hank shows her Tom's apology video. Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and his friends are on a mission - to reach stardom at all costs. Meanwhile, Ginger is picked up by a garbage truck and returns in the evening, covered in garbage. Extra episodes: The friends play hide and seek, but Tom gets caught every time. Ginger becomes even more successful than Tom and Angela when he posts pictures showing how Tom made his pictures. Tom is watching football on TV, when Hank comes and changes the channel. The show's first 3 seasons were produced by the Austrian animation studio 'arx anima', while the Spanish animation studio 'People Moving Pixels' produced season 4 and is currently producing season 5. Watch Talking Tom and Friends Free Online. The Advertising Standards Authority of the United Kingdom ruled that advertising for an adult web site was delivered to underage children via the app. Tom's team wins in the last contest, a race, when Ben and Hank crash into the snowball which was made by Tom's team in the beginning. Santa's Phone. ", 40"Rainbow Color Rampage"MinjolliYoungeun Seo and others32:45August 8, 2020[217] Tom and the gang (the old folks) are okay, I guess. The abilities of each character are: 39"New Hero on the Block"MinjolliYoungeun Seo and others12:13July 25, 2020)[216] When Tom and Hank fight about who should have the treasure, Angela finds them and is angered. After a fortune teller predicts that Angela will get hurt, Tom does everything he can do to prevent it from happening. It's ill-written, and borders on being illiterate and incomprehensible. Hank gives it to Angela, who gives it to Ginger, who gives it back to Ben in exchange for a lollipop and a toy. The Crystal Mentor then gets rid of the crocodiles, explains their wrongdoing and returns their crystals, much to their joy. The friends go on a camping trip, when their car runs out of fuel. [13], Tom Loves Angela is an app released in 2012 that lets users watch Tom courting Angela. Tom gets sick after eating too much ice cream, and ends up standing Angela up on their date. Tom needs to use the toilet, but is unable to because the hand refuses to press a button, and taunts him. While Hank is alone, the Raccoon Robber hypnotises him, and makes him rob for him. Extra episodes: Tom makes his friends rest while he decorates the house with festive lights, and uses too many lights. [1] The franchise also includes various web series, which are mostly posted on YouTube. His friends find out and ignore him, so he agrees to play with them instead, and again goes on a date, which Hank and Ben crash, to their amusement. Learn more about cookies in, © 2010 – 2020 Outfit7 Limited. Extra episodes: Tom tries Yoga and gets hurt trying to impress Angela, so Angela gives him a bell to ring whenever he needs something. After the friends leave, Ginger sees the man going down a hole, and follows him, and finds out that the man has connected the sewer lines and the water lines so that he can sell water. Tom tries to stop wind-up mice from stealing cheese, then takes a mallet to whack them. While driving a convertible, Tom keeps on losing his hats to the wind. Ben creates a device that can give people superpowers, and uses it on his friends. Talking Friends is a series of apps created by Outfit7.The first app, Talking Tom Cat, was released in July 2010, and was extremely popular.This led to many more apps being created, such as Talking Tom Cat 2, Talking Ben, Talking Gina, Talking Pierre, and more.After four years, the series was rebooted into Talking Tom and Friends. S5, Ep5 3 Jul. With Tom's enthusiasm and the spirited support of his friends, they're bound to be the next big celebrities. Talking Ben (also called Ben) – A brown dog and Tom's best friend who is described in the, Talking Hank (also called Hank) – A white dog with blue spots (one on his right eye, one on his tail tip, and the other on his rear). My Talking Tom Friends characters are the primary reason you downloaded the game in the first place. His attempt backfires when Tom accidentally pushes Angela while preventing her from falling into the sewer, causing the latter the break her arm. Talking Angela (also called Angela) – Tom's girlfriend, and a stylish but short-tempered white cat with a love for travel, singing, fashion and dancing. Having six! The tunnel turns out to be leading to Ben's house in the basement. Current Episode (aired 4 Dec. 2020) Tom the Guru. Tom shows Angela that they both can get the hand to give them food but when they are chased by the hand which keeps on trying to feed them. Ginger plays superhero with his pet turtle, when he spills orange juice on its costume. The characters are presented without any particular language dialogue. The friends rescue Hank and shut down the vacuum cleaner, but Hank accidentally turns it back on when trying to take back his sandwich. Meanwhile, the Raccoon Robber sabotages other players as well, and distracts Angela into going the wrong way. Tom and Hank climb a hill to get an apple. Angela decides to prank Tom on his birthday by putting a self-lighting candle on his cake, but the prank backfires when Tom uses a fire extinguisher on the cake, and chases Angela when the cake hits her. Tom and Angela stand guard, but fall asleep, and the moles again ruin the garden. What’s better than having one best friend? [44][45], My Talking Tom Friends is a game where the player takes care of Tom initially, but later gets Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca to take care of too.[46][47]. Hank's friends return and try to destroy the hypnotic machine, and eventually succeed and return the stolen crystals, and the Crystal Mentor sends the Raccoon Robber to an unknown place and reverses the damage done in the fighting. At the beach, Tom tries to get his hands on one of Angela's books, and even attempts to dig a tunnel to get them. You should remember my name – it’s Ginger – because one day I’m gonna rule the WHOLE WORLD. Tom wakes up and yells at Hank, not realising that he had a nightmare. The character has been featured in numerous apps, and in every web series excluding Talking Tom Shorts. Ginger becomes happy.Note: the total duration includes that of Episode 8. Although things never quite turn out the way they plan, the unstoppable group are destined to warm hearts and … The friends get rid of the toothache, and force Hank to brush his teeth. The next day, Hank wins the pumpkin contest, to the farmer's annoyance. Angela offers to deal with the mosquito using bug spray, and succeeds. Tom is a gray Tabby cat that is often portrayed as egotistical yet caring towards his friends. [18], Talking Tom Jetski is a game released in 2015 in which the user either plays as Tom or Angela, riding on a jet ski to complete missions. When the news crew arrives, however, he credits his friends as well, having learnt his lesson. We’re Talking Tom and Friends. Struck by inspiration, Tom orders a giant jelly pudding to cover the speakers, and cleans up the mess they'd made, only for Hank to take a bite from the giant pudding and the speakers to start blowing him away. Angela saves another racer who was in danger, and the Raccoon Robber is disqualified after the friends get proof of his cheating, with first place being given to Angela. Extra episodes: Talking Tom and Friends Minis is a South Korean-British-American 2D animated web series featuring Talking Tom and his friends. The gang visits Angela on her day off due to their water supply being shut off. She also first appeared in, Flip – Tom's Awkward Green Pet who was only appeared in both, Dot – Tom's Blue Robot-Like Pet who is currently featured on the, Talking Gina – A giraffe who was only featured in the, Talking Pierre – A parrot who was only featured in the, Talking Larry – A bird who was featured in a few apps including, Talking Harry – A hedgehog who was only featured in the, Talking Baby Hippo – A baby hippo who was only featured in the, Talking Lila – A fairy who was featured in a few apps including, Talking John – A mass of bacteria who was only featured in the, Talking Rex – A dinosaur who was only featured in the, Talking Roby – A robot who was only featured in the. It was released four days before the 2012 NBA Finals began with the Miami Heat defending the Oklahoma City Thunder 4 games to 1. After Tom fails to stop the train using brute strength, Ben suggests using a giant rubber band, and the plan initially seems to work, but the band snaps and the friends, with the Raccoon Robber's help, pull back the train. All of it! It is currently available on YouTube. The franchise also includes various web series, which are mostly posted on YouTube. The franchise also sells branded merchandise and music videos. [10], Talking News (officially named as Talking Tom and Ben News) is a game released in 2011, in which Talking Tom and Talking Ben act as TV news anchors, repeating whatever is recorded and pulling pranks on each other. The show revolves around the lives of Tom, Ben, Angela, Ginger and Hank all features another character referred to as the hand. Extra episodes: Tom's pets role-play as space explorers, when one of them loses its jetpack, which gets stuck on the chimney. So, he goes to the factory and speeds up the machinery. I’m Ben. At their home, Hank realises that he had taken the remote thinking it was for a TV, and Ginger goes back to the yeti's house to apologise. [236], My Talking Tom had over 11 million downloads and was the top games app in 135 countries worldwide within 10 days of its launch. Tom has trouble repainting his café, so Ben gives him a device that can change the colour of any item. A dejected Tom finds Hank's cooking channel, and chooses to learn from it, but fails until the next morning, and makes a sandwich. The yeti, not knowing where the remote is, starts crying and causes a storm. Tom and some other cats get annoyed by the hand playing with the lamp. The crab goes on a rampage, terrorising people, and the friends try to stop it. Tom and Angela stop to replace a flat tire, when the spare tire rolls down the road. [35][36], Talking Tom Jump Up is another endless jumper game released in 2018. Ben goes through a lot of trouble in getting it back after a bird flies off with it, only to find out that Ginger had another identical toy. Talking Tom and Friends launched a range of interactive toys called Superstar in 2012. He takes it home and tries to fix it, but fails. While trying to escape from the police and the superheroes, the Raccoon Robber hides in a laundry shop, and accidentally throws the gem into a washing machine, which then tries to wash him. Then Ginger goes to Ben's house and finds Ben's pencil and board from Episode 1 that could create anything that is drawn on it, and uses it to make a power crystal of his own. - TAKE CARE OF THEM However, as Angela laughs, she sees a real ghost through the window and screams. During a big storm, water starts leaking into Ben's house due to a tunnel which his friends had dug before. Tom and Angela compete against Ben and Hank in a series of swimming pool related matches, and are level after two rounds – Ben almost drowns after he tries to use a jet pack to cheat. They then corner the Racoon Robber at a construction site, where Ben damages the device, causing it to malfunction. Extra episodes: After Tom fails to do many physical activities properly unlike his friends and even his pets, he orders a headband that makes him stronger. After the treasure chest is opened, it reveals to be a pirate captain suit for a girl, much to Angela's delight and the boys' dismay – they all head back to the beach under Angela's command. [33][34], Talking Tom Cake Jump is an endless jumper game released in 2018. My Talking Tom Friends is an interesting pet game, an opportunity for you to have more fun with Tom, Angela, Hank and their other friends. 23M likes. The friends then give chase, when the Raccoon Robber breaks a glass wall, freeing a shark, and then use the shark to catch the robber, and then return the shark to its enclosure after fixing it. Later, Angela finds it in her own stuff, and tries to hide the fact from Tom by throwing it across the compound wall into her garden, damaging her phone in doing so. Soon, the weather clears up, and the friends can't agree on what to do as receation, when they find out that they have nothing to cook food with. Talking Angela is an app released in 2012 that was the target of a mudslinging campaign in which various individuals alleged that the app was created by paedophiles with the intent of tracking children, though no legitimate evidence was found proving the claims. Tom and Hank have a hard time being roommates together, and start dividing their furniture and belongings with tape unequally. [41], Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless runner game released in 2019 that is similar to Talking Tom Gold Run. Meanwhile, Tom, Angela and Ben look for Hank on finding out what happened to him, and the Raccoon Robber follows Hank when he goes to the hero hideout. [231], However, genuine concern has been raised that the game's child mode may be too easy for children to turn off, which, if they did, would allow them to purchase "coins", which can be used as currency in the game, via iTunes. Tom and Angela succeed and deactivate the invention, only for Ginger to use it, not knowing what it really is. Angela and her friends stop the doll and trap it, and get it destroyed by the Crystal Mentor. Meanwhile, Ginger wants to defy gravity, so Ben fulfils both their wishes. Tom's arm is broken, so Angela offers to run his café, but Tom is forced to run after her (quite literally) and make sure she doesn't ruin anything or make bad dishes. Ben's drone malfunctions and snatches Ginger's favorite toy, dropping it on a climber. They then make the racoon repaint their café.Note: the total duration includes that of Episodes 9, 13, 32, 24, and 14." However, when an armadillo accidentally touches the device, making him gigantic, the friends use their powers to stop it. The rumor, which was widely circulated on Facebook and various websites claiming to be dedicated to parenting, claims that Angela, the game's main character, asks the game's user for private personal information using the game's text-chat feature. ★ PLAY IN A FULL HOUSE OF BEST FRIENDS Tom decides to control the machine, and guides it back home, but crashes into his own home. Tom and Angela go to a park for a picnic. After the tire is changed, the car rolls away, and Tom chases it. Tom finds his new job in the cafeteria to be exhausting, but his friends come to visit him and cheer him up. There are countless ways to play, so it’s up to you to explore and create the unique story of your friendship! The friends try to stay awake all night to see shooting stars, but only Tom and Angela (who was woken up by Tom) get to see the shooting stars. Tom decides to knit a scarf and mittens for Angela with Hank and Ginger as a gift. Tom, Angela, Hank and Ben go to the beach, where Ben uses his new invention to shrink their baggage and make going to the shade easier. Tom successfully destroys the costume, but after he, Ben and Hank laugh at Angela's inability to perform well, she makes them join classes. I’m not into tech like Tom and the guys – I’m a singer and one day I’m going to be a big star! After Ben repeatedly does his part in saving the day, but doesn't get any credit, he ignores his friends and refuses to report to the hero hideout. [218], Talking Tom and Talking Angela's music video for their single "You Get Me", created in cooperation with Walt Disney Records, has received over 350 million views on YouTube as of March 2020. The characters are presented in 2D cartoons, and without any particular language dialogue just like Minis. Our My Talking Tom Friends guide will help teach you the basics of the new simulation, which, as the name suggests, sees Talking Tom and his friends all move in together so they can play … Players can join Talking Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben and Becca as they move in together in their new home for the first time, and get to know the pets that are adored around the world! [225][226], It was debunked by soon afterwards. However, Hank plays the game really well, while Tom makes too many mistakes and becomes enraged at the game. TAKE CARE OF THEM: They need someone to feed them, bathe them, tend to their wishes and play fun games with their cool toys! Angela stops it by losing her temper on them and threatening to cut their belongings. Dredge wrote that in chat mode, Angela asks for information such as the user's name. Hank gets a toothache, so his friends take him to a dentist. [229] Sophos employee Paul Ducklin wrote on the company's blog that the message being posted on Facebook promoting the hoax was "close to 600 rambling, repetitious words, despite claiming at the start that it didn't have words to describe the situation. These furry little balls of fun drive the experience, whether it’s playing minigames with them, watching them talk rubbish, or dressing them up in ridiculous outfits. Now you can hear your virtual pet talk in a charming voice repeating your own words and phrases! Tom wants to be famous. free. Then, the trio stops, and Tom gets hit by a boomerang which he threw first. Tom dances, when Angela arrives. Visit us for more free online games to play. Angela tries to prove that she's a good cook like Hank after she realizes that Tom loves Hank's cooking, but not hers (Tom pretends to have enjoyed it), but fails even after going through so much trouble in cooking the food. It allows the user to interact with Ginger at his birthday party. When Ginger tries to make bubbles but fails, Ben makes a device that can create big and impervious bubbles for Ginger. Tom tries to kiss Angela, but fails repeatedly and behaves clumsily. 95.09MB. [234][235] The ASA noted that Outfit7 "had a strict advertising policy" but that the company "had not been able to identify which ad network had served an age-inappropriate ad on a children's app" and how the advertisements were shown in the app. Angela offers to make food then, to the horror of the boys, knowing that her cooking is terrible. Ginger daydreams of being a super hero like his friends, when they leave. In the end, Angela still weighs the same, and infuriated, she throws the scale out of her house. Ben: The ability to remotely control any technology from his glove. Tom tries to play a prank on Hank by making the living room look upside down by attaching all the furniture to the ceiling, but it backfires with Hank and Angela sitting upside down and behaving as if everything is normal. Angela launches a surprise attack from a hot air balloon on Tom and Hank, so Tom and Hank retaliate and shoot down the balloon. Tom: Super-strength and can lift about anything. Ben and Hank initially manage to catch him, but get caught themselves, leaving Tom and Angela to save the library. The franchise focuses on various mobile apps involving anthropomorphic animal characters repeating things said by the user.

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