They're in search of women companionship. They arrive just outside the fortress and breach the East wall. Eardwulf demands they hand over Ælfwynn, but Uhtred refuses. He’s doing this because he believes he can end it. Uhtred hopes that one day his path will lead north to Bebbanburg, but until then, he believes he’s needed in Winchester, so he will follow Edward. Uhtred tells Edward to stand down. Uhtred reminds them how he lost Beoccain Bebbanburg because of his haste, so now he’s trying a more cautionary approach. Undoubtedly a signal. ("Episode 4.8"), Uhtred, Finan, Stiorra, Osferth, and Sihtric gather at the tavern, unsure of their next move. He heard of the rumors that Uhtred returned to Bebbanburg to reclaim his land. She explains how God worked through Uhtred and how he did not give up his throne to Mercia on his own. He only gains her attention when he refers to her as a warrior. Three nights before the first of the metal is to be delivered, they make their way down river to Beamfleot. Arnas Fedaravicius is a Lithuanian actor and producer known for his role as Sihtric in the British historical fiction series, The Last Kingdom. Uhtred then orders Sihtric to take Rypere to Beamfleot to confirm Æthelflæd’s whereabouts. Sihtric replies there aren’t any weaknesses. Unbeknownst to them, Eadith watches from within the trees. From Uhtred, he learns that Æthelstan is Edward’s hidden bastard son. ("Episode 4.2"), Uhtred and Finan spot the signal sent by young Uhtred and move in, along with Beocca, Osferth, and Sihtric. She is ,however, allowed to collect grass and herbs by a single tree on the other side of the camp. As it turns out, they staged the entire fight in order for Sihtric to infiltrate the Danes. Aldhelm presumes that Uhtred is just trying to buy them some time until Æthelflæd arrives, and she’ll persuade Edward to endure a longer siege. One thing we didn’t expect was to see Sihtric betray Uhtred. Æthelflæd now has enough men to fight Edward. Æthelflæd then asks Uhtred what happened at Bebbanburg, and he starts to cry. He tells Sihtric that Skade has cursed them all. Young Uhtred wants to stay on the boat, so Beocca stays behind with him while the others search for the monks. Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth enter as he reveals that he will be leaving to save Æthelflæd. Content from both the books and the TV series are welcome! Unfortunately, they are tracked down by Eardwulf and his guards. © Carnival Film & Television Limited 2016 | a division of NBCUniversal International Studios | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy Because she’s poison. Uhtred and Aldhelm agree that Æthelflæd is not safe and should flee Aegelesburg, but she refuses. ("Episode 3.10"), As he is being escorted out of Winchester, Uhtred reveals that he was pardoned by Alfred. They’re tired and weak. Inside the monastery, young Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, and Aldhelm try to keep the doors shut as the Danes apply force. Uhtred then picks up Æthelred’s ring off the ground. ("Episode 2.5"), Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Clapa, Æthelred, and Aldhelm arrive in London, where they fail to convince the brothers to leave. He wanted to lead the Danes and he wanted Ragnar’s woman. He is Saxon heir... Timothy Innes as … So, they are forced to fight their way out. Sihtric leads them to the dock, where they kill the guards before jumping into the ship and sailing away. He is the bastard son of Kjartan. They find themselves in a swamp filled with dead bodies, certainly the result of the sickness. Osferth retrieves Father Beocca, who attempts to rush into the burning house, but Finan and Sihtric hold him back, as he calls out to Thyra. Eadith advises Eardwulf to save himself and flee to Frankia. ("Episode 3.5"), They continue to battle against the Danes, even as they are picked off one by one. Æthelflæd asks where is her daughter, and Ælfwynn rushes into her arms. However, they don’t have the power to defend themselves against Edward. She tells them to remain calm as she will not sacrifice a single Mercian life unless it’s necessary. Currently, Arnas has been regularly appearing in the popular television series named The Last Kingdom. ("Episode 4.8"), Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric enter the monastery to inform Uhtred and Aldhelm that King Edward’s guards have taken control of Aegelesburg. ("Episode 3.5"), Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth lead a group of men to Beamfleot. They are vastly outnumbered and picked off. They spot small group of Danes in front of the church. He then tells Uhtred that he’s free to pass, however, he also welcomes Uhtred and his men to join them. Finan suggests that they return to Aegelesburg. Finan gives Elgin a chance to drop his weapon, but he tries to attack and is cut down by Finan. ("Episode 3.3"), Uhtred and Bloodhair fight to the death to see who will claim Skade. They’ll need horses and provisions for the journey. He is the bastard son of Kjartan. Erik reveals that their plan is hopeless. Residence Ælfric supposedly only has 40 men, but that’s twice as many as them. Uhtred took Sihtric into his service after convincing himself that Sihtric had no loyalty to Kjartan. He suspects there may even be bodies laying in the fields. Uhtred and Sigtryggr reach the courtyard, where the battle has erupted. He orders Finan to put him in a cart and haul him to Brida in Dunholm. They are greeted at the gate by Æthelred, Aldhelm, and Steapa. However, the Danes proceed to surround them and attack. Sihtric disarms Halig and demands to speak with Uhtred. Uhtred realizes that the signal was to alert the Danes to attack their camp. Uhtred tells Finan that they leave at first light, and Æthelflæd instructs Aldhelm to prepare the survivors. They mean to ensure that Æthelflæd won’t have to rely on Edward’s goodwill for her survival. Ælfwynn goes following behind a crow, chasing it through the woods on her own. Uhtred orders Finan to stay with Æthelflæd and guard her quarters. Sihtric is tired of marching and being called a traitor with nothing to show for it. Uhtred explains that no one else has to die save for his uncle. We lost great characters throughout the season, but where did everyone end up in the finale? He replies that Uhtred doesn’t know whether to kill her or hump her. He then tells Sihtric and Osferth to follow him. Uhtred orders Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth to form two lines and build a shield wall. Uhtred tells Wihtgar that Ælfric stole the land from him when he was a child, so if Wihtgar wants to be considered the true Lord of Bebbanburg, he has to a fight. ("Episode 2.6"), Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, and Clapa part ways with the others and return to Coccham. Eadith volunteers to sneak in with the villagers. Whether young Uhtred likes it or not, Uhtred insists that they'll be leaving together, headed to Coccham, where they will collect the ship that will take them north to reclaim both of their birthrights. However, Æthelflæd refuses to back down. The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. Gisela tells Uhtred to answer. First Appearance Hæsten informs Uhtred that Sigtryggr has landed from Irland and he wants all Danes to follow him. Bjorgulf leads his army into Aegelesburg, killing those who survived the initial attack. Sihtric was introduced in the second season of The Last Kingdom as a very unlikely ally of Uhtred, as he was the son of Kjartan (Alexandre Willaume), who had helped raid the warrior’s village. ("Episode 2.7"), Erik finds Sihtric and gives him a letter to take to Uhtred. Sihtric appears to be suffering the worst. Sihtric Kjartansson (later known as Sihtric of Dunholm) is a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. And for that, she would always be grateful. Dark Brown/Black Finan suspects that Æthelflæd isn’t coming and advises they leave. An obvious trap, but they proceed. However, she is out of reach. Dunholm, Northumbria (currently)Wessex (formerly)Northumbria (originally) Stiorra orders for Ælfwynn to come inside as she spots soldiers ride up towards the gate. Family Sihtric, Finan, and Osferth ask if they should follow behind and leave Winchester for the Danes. ("Episode 4.4"), Saltwic, Mercia; They arrive at Æthelflæd’s estate after their victory. ("Episode 3.4"), Uhtred, Æthelflæd, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth arrive in Aegelesburg to see Edward. They proceed to find Sigefrid and Erik’s camp, where Uhtred, Finan, and Steapa go in alone. Instead, he fires it, striking Ælfric in the eye, killing him instantly. Uhtred orders Sihtric to stay back and remain unseen. ("Episode 4.5"), Stiorra opens the front gate and asks Cenric and his men if they are lost. Sihtric worries that the children won’t make the trip on foot, but they proceed nevertheless. Sihtric finds them hidden among the trees and gives Uhtred a hug. They’ve come in search of Skade, who stands in the church with a human heart in hand. One thing we didn’t expect was to see Sihtric betray Uhtred. He starts helping douse the flames with buckets of water. Arnas Fedaravicius From film school reject to Hollywood legend, take a look at Steven Spielberg's career so far and explore what lies ahead. He instructs young Uhtred to follow the monks to Bebbanburg. Eadith has family in Frankia, but that way is Inland, so Uhtred invites Eadith to travel with them. ("Episode 4.1"), Cookham, Wessex; Uhtred, Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric prepare the boat. He admittedly allowed himself to get old too quickly. ("Episode 2.4"), Datchet, Mercia. He proposes that they make peace and unite against the Scots. The Last Kingdom season five is coming to Netflix and fans are curious to know what happens next. Uhtred won’t be part of a whispering court. Hands up if you wondered about Uhtred's third son on The Last Kingdom season 4. En la serie, tiene una banda de seguidores leales que se han convertido en favoritos de los fanáticos, incluidos Finan (Mark Rowley), Osferth (Ewan Mitchell) y Sihtric (Arnas Fedaravičius). He then orders Finan to string up three of the dead from the trees so that they can be seen from the river. Day breaks and the group awakens. Finan continues to grow more and more worried. ("Episode 4.10"), Winchester, Wessex; The Wessex and Mercian Guard smoke out the Kingdom and the Danes within. In fear that Uhtred will kill Esgar, Bjorgulf retreats. Uhtred then looks to Aidan and asks where his allegiance lies. Uhtred wonders what’s next for her. ("Episode 3.3"), Sihtric, Finan, and Osferth reconvene with Uhtred. Uhtred hands his weapons off to Finan and Sihtric and informs Steapa that he will come peacefully to the king. Sihtric releases Halig. ("Episode 2.8"), Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, Rypere, and Clapa arrive in Beamfleot. Arnas Fedaravicius Shirtless Model, Hot Body, Girlfriend, The Last Kingdom.Aside from Alexander Dreymon, another European actor we recently “discovered” because of the Nextflix TV series The Last Kingdom is Lithuanian hottie Arnas Fedaravicius who plays the role of Sihtric in the historical fiction which we just started binging.. However, Uhtred cannot dare abandon his brother. And so, Uhtred welcomes him in. Bloodhair gets on a horse and flees. When young Uhtred never shows, they’re forced to pry the gate up. ("Episode 4.6"), They continue on the road to Ceaster on foot. Alexander Dreymon once again suits up as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in Season 4 of “The Last Kingdom.” This time out though, Uhtred goes through some things that … Skade asks Sihtric what Uhtred thinks of her. Steapa reluctantly allows them inside the gates. ("Episode 2.8"), Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth arrive in Alton to find the village destroyed. There, they find the monks, Brother Oswi and Brother Iestyn receiving sexual favors. Osferth approaches them head on, allowing the others to get into position and attack. He demands that they hand over Æthelflæd. They claim to be the new Lord of Mercia’s closest advisors and demand to be served ale. Sihtric reminds Uhtred that he has fought for him. Let's find out all about the lifestyle of The Last Kingdom cast. Uhtred asks that Eadith keep her alive until he returns. Uhtred arrives soon thereafter to find that everyone is safe. Æthelwold questions why Uhtred cares. Ælfwynn claims that she’s already been taken to Winchester by Uhtred. Uhtred blames himself for Beocca’s death. Finan intervenes and plays peacemaker, however, Sihtric continues, even challenging Uhtred. Although, Æthelflæd has ordered the Mercian fyrd to Tettenhall, and she believes that Edward will meet them there. He doubts he’ll ever see it again in their lifetime. However, that’s not Uhtred’s plan. They devise a plan to fend off the Danes. Significant Other(s) Leaving him with barely 40 soldiers. And Wessex is saved. Unbeknownst to them, Bjorgulf arrives with a fleet of soldiers just up the hill. Sven - Half Brother † No plan has been made for the succession, so Æthelflæd is eager to speak with him and the Ealdormen. Wihtgar explains that his father was weak, so he put him out of his misery. Aterward, they exit the tavern to what appears to be the guards of Wessex seizing Aegelesburg, led by Cenric. British historical fiction television series The Last Kingdom has been renewed by Netflix for its fourth season. 28 episodes (see below) They are joined by Father Pyrlig and King Hywel’s army. They meet up with Æthelred and Aldhelm, neither haven’t crossed a single man. Wihtgar tries to sink it by catapulting boulders, but he fail. Uhtred makes it outside the wall, where he reconvenes with Finan and Sihtric and rides off to Dunholm. He has no crew for the ship and they still have to free Æthelflæd. Sihtric and Rypere arrive in Beamfleot and get eyes on Æthelflæd. Sihtric is Kjartan’s bastard son, whelped on a slave girl. It’s time they move on. ("Episode 4.8"), Stiorra tells Finan and Æthelflæd to come to the front gate as Uhtred, Osferth, and Sihtric return with a fyrd. Æthelred allows them in but without their weapons. ("Episode 4.2"), Uhtred, Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric enter a tavern. Uhtred assures them that they don't need an army. ("Episode 4.2"), Bebbanburg, Northumbria; Uhtred and Finan take out the two guards by the gate and wait for young Uhtred to open the gate. Given that Sihtric remains loyal to Uhtred, she hands him a note to give to Hild when she returns. They form a shield wall as Bloodhair and the Danes near. She reports to Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric of their arrival and tells them that she has a plan. S4 They have no desire to fight along side such men. Æthelflæd pleads with him to allow her in so that she may see her daughter, who she believes to be dead. Suddenly, fire is set in a tower above. Sihtric He tells Bjorgulf to leave or else the children will die. Uhtred looks to Beocca to answer if he’s leading men to their deaths. Family Nevertheless, she takes Ælfwynn under the trees., Numerous unnamed Saxon soldiers and civilians, Sihtric is a noble; he was born as a bastard son to a. S3 Arnas Fedaravicius (born June 21, 1991) is a Lithuanian actor who portrays Sihtric in The Last Kingdom. ("Episode 4.2"), Ælfric’s body lays on the ground after being killed by Wihtgar. Uhtred contemplates going back to retrieve Beocca’s body, but Finan insists that he doesn’t. They spy at least 20 guards. After evading capture, they proceed to pack their belongings and head for Ceaster. She then orders Edward and Cenric to open the gates for Uhtred as there’s no need for conflict. Uhtred still fears that the men they have may not be enough. They’ll get there just before ascension. Uhtred then enters Sigefrid’s tent, cuts off Sigefrid's hand and forces the brothers to leave the land. Uhtred has come to bring Stiorra home. When he can’t get the answers out of him, Wihtgar kills both monks. This list shows the victims Sihtric has killed: This list shows the battles Sihtric has participated in: The Last Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Uhtred questions if Hild sent Beocca to keep an eye on him. Uhtred goes to the roof. She tells the guards to look inside the pouch that her brother wears around his neck. However, throughout The Last Kingdom Season 4, only two children were even mentioned. However, they form a shield wall and then give Skade over to Hæsten in exchange for him leaving peacefully. ("Episode 3.10"), Outside Bebbanburg, Northumbria; Just outside the walls, the scavengers steal from Ælfric's fallen soldiers. Finan and Sihtric follow him with knives held to young Cnut and Esgar’s throats. Hæsten then invites them all over to join him. With news of her health, Sihtric sends Rypere to find Uhtred. They take out three guards. They wait for a small group of Danes to approach with woman prisoners and attack. Uhtred, young Uhtred, Beocca, Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric are surrounded by the men of Bebbanburg. Finan and Osferth alert the others that the Danes are charging towards the gate. It takes six days to get to Bebbanburg on the coast road. ("Episode 3.1"), Uhtred, Sihtric, Osferth, and Skade arrive at Fearnham. He witnesses as Bjorn raises from the dirt. In "War of the Wolf", Sihtric becomes the Earl of Dunholm. ("Episode 4.3"), Aegelesburg, Mercia; Uhtred, young Uhtred, Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric arrive in Aegelesburg. Uhtred holds a blade to Ælfric’s throat. Pages Media TV & Movies TV Show The Last Kingdom Videos Bless Sihtric! As soon as Osferth is recovered, Finan wants to recover Skade. He demands that Wihtgar put down the bow. Centric isn’t convinced and proceeds to search the grounds while young Uhtred, Finan, Osferth, Sihtric, Ælfwynn, and Æthelstan hide. They realize that at least one man is still alive but that he’s dying of a sickness. Gisela questions how many guards. They will need real protection when the Danes eventually do invade. Uhtred lets Hæsten go, but keeps Cnut’s sons, younger Cnut and Esgar, with him. Fortunately, Edward seeks out Uhtred and offers him 500 men or more to go against the Danes. Unfortunately, they kill Abbess and enter the church, where they are ambushed by Uhtred, Skade, Finan, Sihtric, and Osferth. Uhtred orders Sihtric to tell Skade he is near and to take her by the tree. They come to a stop as the road is blocked with the bodies of dead men piked on large wooden sticks. Finan tells Osferth that it's time they head south. He only wishes to kill Uhtred so that he doesn’t repeat his father’s mistakes. ("Episode 3.4"), Sihtric, Osferth, Uhtred, Skade, and Finan informs Æthelflæd that her men are not guards and that she should find more skilled warriors. Finan, Osferth, and Sihtric urge Uhtred to attack now while Bebbanburg is weak. Eadith arrives with a message from Æthelflæd. They meet Erik in the stables. Parents ("Episode 4.6"), Peckforton Hills, Mercia; Sihtric and young Uhtred track down Æthelflæd and Aldhelm. Ragnar tells Uhtred to take Skade and leave. ("Episode 3.4"), Hæsten and Dagfinn arrive at the nunnery, where they kill a guard and demand that Æthelflæd be brought to them. Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! Uhtred took Sihtric into his service after convincing himself that Sihtric had no loyalty to Kjartan. ("Episode 2.2"), Gisela intends to escape Eoferwic. Pyrlig explains that it was Ælswith who sent him to find allies, as he’s heard nothing from the king. Night falls and they attack the Northmen. They leave one Dane alive to return to his people and inform them that beyond Lundene the River Temes belong to Alfred. Edward steps up and declares that Alfred’s pardon stands and that Uhtred is a free man. Assuming Æthelflæd is still alive, Finan knows that Uhtred would never abandon her, so he questions why they’re not going to Winchester. Half a day has passed and Hæsten finally comes down to battle Uhtred, but he comes with Skade and an army. After winning the battle, they plan to return to Wessex. Enclosing the Danes within. Steapa ("Episode 3.2"), Uhtred is growing weaker by the moment.

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