. ("Episode 4.10"), Brida catches Hæsten eavesdropping on Sigtryggr and Uhtred's conversation. She refuses to become a Saxon woman. However, Brida warns Uhtred that any silver he finds under Alfred will be taken by the Danes along with his life. ("Episode 1.2"), Brida and Uhtred sneak into Burv St Edmunds and kidnap Storri. Brida tries to remind him of their actual goal, but Cnut is blinded with rage. Winchester, Wessex; Following the Battle of Ashdown, … Uhtred and Brida then follow Storri to his cave. She tells him to prepare to be broken as he tried to do her. When asked if she was any trouble, Jackdaw claims that Skade showed him her breast. Thyra (ricorrente stagione 1, stagioni 2-3), interpretata da Julia Bache-Wiig, doppiata da Maria Giulia Ciucci. Northumbria (originally & formerly)East Anglia (formerly) "The Last Kingdom" Edward sends his men to attack. ("Episode 1.7"), Brida, Guthrum, Young Ragnar, and Skorpa lead an army of Danes to the battlefield, where the Saxons are chanting "no mercy." Vescovo Erkenwald (stagione 3), interpretato da Kevin Eldon. Brida claims she belongs to no man and is a warrior alone. ("Episode 1.1"), Brida joins Uhtred in the village after Kjartan and Sven leave. They eventually force Kjartan to retreat and Ragnar challenges him to a fight to the death. Lastly, he has Brida and Uhtred taken away and put into cages. She and Uhtred become playmates and close friends. After the war is called off, Brida attacks Uhtred, but he refuses to kill Brida or her child. They’re protecting the cart and the man that rides on it. As Uhtred and his men draw closer to Bebbanburg, the prodigal son Wihtgar returns with some tricks up his sleeves. She suspects that Alfred will betray Uhtred. trackback. Young Ragnar arrives and asks Uhtred if he killed his father. Brida lifts the sword and holds it to Rhodri. They kill many men and take Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard captive. Uhtred hugs Ragnar and Brida goodbye before leaving. Brida of Dunholm is a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. While playing, they are attacked by Sven. TV – La serie The Last Kingdom sul canale 20 17 Giugno 2018 Autore: Antonio Genna Categorie: Cinema e TV. However, they must fight their way out. When a 14 year old girl loses all of her family, she is … She tells Uhtred to either kill her, or she won’t stop until she’s his undoing. Brida suspects that it was either Cnut or Bloodhair that killed him, but Cnut insists that Ragnar was killed by his whore. Cnut says that he will have his revenge and he and his men ride out. Hild - Aunt [7] Il 22 ottobre 2018 è stato annunciato che la terza stagione sarebbe stata pubblicata il 19 novembre 2018 su Netflix. He refers to her as the lady warrior and can’t believe men died to defeat her. He reveals to Brida that Eardwulf works to his own plan and they need to be of one mind. Instead, he tells Hæsten to dampen the roofs with clay and water to protect it from catching fire. He asks Brida when will her men become their men. ("Episode 1.1"), Day breaks. He then orders for Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard to be locked up. ("Episode 1.4"), Brida, Ragnar, and Guthrum invade Winchester. ("Episode 4.7"), Sigtryggr asks Brida how Cnut fell. Cnut would like to be with her, however, he will leave because she asked him to. Sigtryggr will personally select a hostage, but not Stiorra. Brida and Uhtred remain hidden within a ditch until Ælfric. Cnut decides to continue their efforts. La prima stagione composta da otto episodi è stata trasmessa dal 10 ottobre 2015 da BBC America, e da BBC Two dal 22 ottobre 2015. She then puts the collar on Rhodri’s neck and throws him in the pit. ("Episode 1.3"), Brida has retrieved Young Ragnar’s silver. When is The Last Kingdom season 4 released on Netflix? Uhtredis brought in as one of the ten hostages. Brida replies. Unfortunately, Kjartan is now a Lord and has three times the men. However, Eardwulf then reveals that she’s in fact Uhtred’s daughter. Given that the Northmen have an open camp, Finan suggests they only kill Sigefrid and Erik, rather than the brothers and their men. Residence ("Episode 1.3"), Brida worries that Uhtred’s year of servitude to the king will turn into much longer. Eardwulf is then executed by the Danes. He heard there were Danes in Wealas and was coming to speak to them. Cnut explains that he actually sent Æthelwold to raise a Saxon army and sow unrest. La trama della prima stagione copre approssimativamente le storie dei romanzi L'ultimo re e Un cavaliere e il suo re, sebbene siano abbreviate al fine televisivo. Brida and Hæsten then enter the Reading Room with plans to kill Stiorra as Edward is threatening to burn the kingdom. He recalls Brida and her shoving a branch up his ass. ️⚔️ @alexander.dreymon @emilycoxofficial @thelastkingdom . ("Episode 1.2"), Brida and Uhtred find a nearby village ransacked and destroyed. While Brida goes to sleep, Uhtred goes over to Ragnar’s grave and asks for his strength, heart, and wisdom. Significant Other(s) So, they’ll lure out Edward from behind his walls and fight on their terms and take the country. Il regno del Wessex rimane l'ultima roccaforte importante contro i danesi. But could audiences see a major confrontation between Brida and Skade? Dagfinn (ricorrente stagione 2, stagione 3), interpretato da Simon Stenspil. Family [5][6] Nell'aprile 2018, Netflix ha confermato la produzione della terza stagione, che è stata pubblicata esclusivamente sulla piattaforma streaming, a Bernard Cornwell è stata offerta una partecipazione per un cameo. ("Episode 3.3"), Bloodhair challenges Uhtred to a fight to the death with Skade as the reward. It aired on October 24, 2015. ("Episode 4.10"). Dec 13, 2019 - Alex & Emily on set of The Last Kingdom - Season 4 - Behind the scenes. Cnut is captured by Brida, who holds a knife at his throat and asks if he wants her to show him mercy. They reach the village in time to see Ragnar burn. The Last Kingdom Renewed For Season 2 By BBC & BBC America! He wants to know why they’re settling. Rypere, interpretato da Tibor Milos Krisko. There’s an uprising north of the village. In the time between, they stay alive, spending many days and nights in Oxford, where Danes rarely pass through. Skade remarks that Uhtred has defeated Bloodhair twice and she now belongs to him. Affinity Brida watches as a villager runs up the hill, but doesn't bother to follow her. As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred -- born a Saxon but raised by Vikings -- seeks to claim his ancestral birthright. Eadith (stagione 4-in corso), interpretata da. In Italia ha debuttato sul canale Premium Action della piattaforma a pagamento Mediaset Premium il 28 ottobre 2016[10], la terza stagione è stata trasmessa su Premium Stories, dalla quarta stagione è nuovamente in onda su Premium Action. The † means that the individual is dead. As Cnut kneels there with his sword in his chest, gasping for air, Uhtred reveals that both of Cnut’s boys are alive just before he dies from his wounds. She realizes that the Danes have invaded Wales. Uhtred tells Edward to stand down. However, after doing so, he continues to stab his lifeless body repeatedly. Steapa (stagioni 2-4), interpretato da Adrian Bouchet. She puts her blade in his hand and tells him to hold it but he is long gone. Fortunately, Young Ragnar and Brida come to his aid. Cnut warns them that if any of them are caught humping a Saxon, they will be executed on their return. Cnut then calls Brida over as he rallies the men. Ragnar the Younger (The Last Kingdom) Brida (The Last Kingdom) Aethelflaed Lady of Mercia; Edward the Elder (c. 874-924) Hild (The Last Kingdom) Non-Graphic Rape/Non-Con; Fluff and Humor; Summary. Brida is knocked off her horse, but she manages to take out two enemies in the same breath. Brida and Ragnar lead their army to the front gate. He presumes that his curse worked, which Brida admits that it did. Brida is overwhelmed with joy. However, Brida argues the charters have no meaning since the Danes took Northumbria. ("Episode 2.1"), Hild rides to Winchester and reports to Odda and King Alfred that Uhtred has been taken. Sven (ricorrente stagione 1, stagione 2), interpretato da Ole Christoffer Ertvaag, doppiato da, Erik (stagione 2), interpretato da Christian Hillborg, doppiato da, Padre Pyrlig (stagione 2-in corso), interpretato da, Sihtric (stagione 2-in corso), interpretato da, Aldhelm (stagione 2-in corso), interpretato da. Æthelhelm (stagione 3-in corso), interpretato da. Guthrum concedes and orders for Uhtred to be released. Æthelred has left his people undefended, making them easier to slaughter, which will bring King Edward. They can sell the others as slaves. And Ubba has sent men to Mercia asking of Uhtred’s whereabouts. "THE LAST KINGDOM" IN ANTEPRIMA ASSOLUTA SU PREMIUM ACTION DAL 28 OTTOBRE, ‘The Last Kingdom’ Renewed For Season 5 By Netflix, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Last_Kingdom&oldid=116544514, Serie televisive basate su opere letterarie, Voci con template Collegamenti esterni e qualificatori sconosciuti, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, Stephen Butchard, Nigel Marchant, Gareth Neame, Uhtred di Bebbanburg (stagione 1-in corso), interpretato da, Ragnar il giovane (stagioni 1-3), interpretato da, Brida (stagione 1-in corso), interpretata da, Leofric (stagione 1, guest stagione 3), interpretato da, Odda il vecchio (stagioni 1-2), interpretato da, Aethelwold (stagioni 1-3), interpretato da, Aelfric (stagioni 1-2, ricorrente 4), interpretato da, Odda il giovane (stagione 1), interpretato da, Regina Iseult (stagione 1), interpretata da, Padre Beocca (stagioni 1-4), interpretato da, Hild (ricorrente stagione 1, stagione 2-in corso), interpretata da, Halig (ricorrente stagione 1, stagione 2), interpretato da, Abate Eadred (stagione 2), interpretato da, Fratello Trew (stagione 2), interpretato da, Finan (stagione 2-in corso), interpretato da Mark Rowley, doppiato da, Kjartan (ricorrente stagione 1, stagione 2), interpretato da Alexandre Willaume, doppiato da. He wonders why she allows him to shame her. However, Sigtryggr won’t allow for it. Brida tells the archer to leave and as Uhtred is under her protection. Brida tells Jackdaw to follow the spies that Cnut sends out in search of the Saxon camps. Titolo originale: The Last Kingdom Anno: 2017 Formato: serie TV Genere: drammatico Episodi: 8 Durata: 55 min (episodio) Interpreti e personaggi Alexander Dreymon: Uhtred of Bebbanburg Tobias Santelmann: Ragnar the Younger Emily Cox: Brida Thomas W. … Even his own comrades watch in disbelief. The Last Kingdom is a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories series of novels. He reveals that Edward couldn’t choose between his sons, and he has given them Uhtred in his place. Young Ragnar suggests that they go looking for Alfred, but Guthrum says that only a fool would march an army into swampland. He has no interest in war; only women and silver. Le terre anglosassoni sono gradualmente attaccate, saccheggiate e effettivamente governate dai vichinghi in molte aree. He charges towards them and they run further into the woods. V roce 872, kdy mnohá království na místě dnešní Anglie padla do rukou Vikingů, velké království Wessex zůstalo samotné ve vzdoru pod velením krále Alfréda Velikého. Cnut then remarks how fortunate his cousin Ragnar is to have a woman to both love and fight. Eardwulf reveals to Brida, Sigtryggr, and the Danes that after Tettenhall, Edward believes the Danes no longer hold a threat. ("Episode 4.9"), Ælswith, Æthelstan, Stiorra, Æthelhelm, Ælflæd, and Ælfweard are taken to Brida, Sigtryggr, and Eardwulf. ("Episode 4.3"), Cnut and Brida command their soldiers to have their defences built by sunset. Rhodri has Brida bound by chains like an animal. Brida threatens to cut off Hæsten’s balls and feed them to him if he tells Cnut. They’ve come on Cnut’s behalf to kill Uhtred. Others In doing so, Brida kills one attacker and Uhtred kills at least two others. ("Episode 4.2"), Brida instructs the men to send scouts and scavenge for food. Hæsten asks how far Aegelesburg is. Cnut states that Ragnar’s men are now Brida’s men, and together, they could lead. Following the Danish’s victory at the Siege of Eoferwic (866), a young Brida is taken prisoner, as well as Uhtred. Despite Ragnar’s death, Cnut wants to go on. To die without his sword means they will lose the battle. Edward’s strategy is foolish, and he inevitably falls back as his men are killed. Diversi uomini con questo nome sono esistiti e hanno governato Bebbanburg (castello di Bamburgh), ma poco si conosce delle loro vite effettive. Rhodri then orders for her to be thrown into the pit. ("Episode 1.4"), Uhtred celebrates with Brida and Young Ragnar. Brida and Uhtred are then taken to Leeds in Northumbria to work for Earl Ragnar and his family. Brida orders her men to find Uhtred and send him Stiorra’s head, but Sigtryggr takes Stiorra with him instead. She kisses him on the cheek and thanks him both for herself and Ragnar. Osferth (stagione 2-in corso), interpretato da Ewan Mitchell. Brida & Uhtred facing off in the shieldwall // 1x08. Uhtred insists that they mean him no harm and will pay for information. They will melt down all their silver and pay every craftsman in the country to finish the job that King Offa of Mercia started centuries ago. Ragnar disarms Kjartan and pins his arm to the ground with his sword. Asking to help him cross from Hel to Valhalla. Uhtred isn’t sure what’s left for them. Giovane Cnut, interpretato da Gabriel Harland. The Last Kingdom Period Pieces As Alfred the Great defends his kingdom from Norse invaders, Uhtred -- born a Saxon but raised by Vikings -- seeks to claim his ancestral birthright. Aethelred's death will force swift retaliation. Brida determines that Stiorra is at least half Dane. And at all times, they are united and never fight out of anger as this is the way of the old generation. They take out three guards. He then says goodbye to Brida. If Uhtred is to truly be a Dane, she tells him that he must undo the past and destroy Alfred. Uhtred and Brida simultaneously notice Æthelwold on the battlefield and charge towards him. Uhtred spares Brida and tells her to leave while she can. ("Episode 4.9"), Edward and the Wessex Guard arrive and charge towards the kingdom, but the gates are shut before they can enter. Brida rushes to inform Ragnar but discovers him dead in his tent. Cnut asks if she's seen the Ealdormen, who he tortured. Uhtred reveals himself to Ælfric and throws Scallion’s head on the ground. Uhtred claims it was revenge for Ragnar. He and two of his men then proceed to pee on Brida, forcing her to cower in the corner. She wants to escape. The next day, they are taken to the battlefield and made to help recover the bodies of the fallen as well as their weapons. Welcome to the official channel for The Last Kingdom. Brida despises the straight-laced, pious Christian Saxons of Alfred's court even more than Uhtred does. The next day, Brida suffers from a painful miscarriage in the woods. https://the-last-kingdom.fandom.com/wiki/Brida?oldid=20233, Numerous unnamed Saxon soldiers and civilians, Brida converted religions, she was born a Christian but converted to paganism after being adopted by. However, Brida realizes that this is their own doing. She reminds Cnut that they do this in Ragnar’s memory. Lastly, Uhtred asks how to kill a curse. She pleads with Uhtred to kill her, but they take her in as a prisoner. Cenric approaches the kingdom to send a message of intent. She replies they made a bond in blood. If she’s alone, the rest of the Saxons won’t be far behind. Emily Cox (born February 23, 1985) is a British actress born in Austria who portrays Brida in The Last Kingdom. Netflix Joins 'The Last Kingdom' As Co-Producer of Historical Epic's Season 2, The Last Kingdom season 3 Netflix release date, cast, plot, trailer, Here's when The Last Kingdom season 3 will premiere on Netflix. Ragnar arrives with Uhtred. He wants Brida to prove who she is and kicks a sword towards her. Where Brida and the Danes await. The Last Kingdom è una serie televisiva britannica, basata sulla serie di romanzi Le storie dei re sassoni scritta da Bernard Cornwell.[1]. Brida and Uhtred realizes that he’s been framed for Ragnar’s death. Brida exits the tent, suspecting that it was someone at the camp who took his life. However, Uhtred finds himself surrounded. He fought alongside some of the men. However, Eardwulf tells them to ignore her as she’s only a whore he once knew. Brida and Hæsten watch as the Guards near. Brida claims they had their own battles. ("Episode 4.8"), Wealas woods; Eardwulf finds himself cornered by Brida and the Danes. Vikings Tv Norse Vikings Lagertha Uhtred Of Bebbanburg The Last Kingdom Viking Warrior Warrior Women Shield Maiden Star Wars However, Uhtred tells Brida that he can only become the king of Bebbanburg through Alfred. Brida and Ragnar are later taken in at prisoners of war, and Guthrum is baptized. He is no longer Uhtred Ragnarson. They have landed west of Wealas. Brida aus The Last Kingdom macht in Staffel 4 der Netflix-Serie eine schockierende Veränderung durch. They arrive in Salhford in search of Storri. Portrayer Ragnar reminds Uhtred that he gave his word and he is going back on it by leaving them. Later, Ragnar goes to hump another woman. When Sigtryggr asks where the women are, Brida claims they fought back. Brida watches this unfold from the pit. Like Uhtred, she is Saxon in origin, and is adopted by the Danes after they see the ruins of her village, wiped out by a raiding party from a rival band of Vikings and experience Brida's feisty nature. [2] La seconda stagione copre la trama dei romanzi I re del nord e Il filo della spada. Bjorgulf reveals that Uhtred was in Aegelesburg with Cnut’s sons, and he beheaded young Cnut. ("Episode 1.3"), The Danes have overtaken Werham. They ask if he would like to fight or yield. Giovane Uhtred (stagione 4-in corso), interpretato da Finn Elliott, doppiato da Lorenzo Crisci. Appeared in With their plan in motion, they’ll attack Mercia while their backs are turned. Hair ("Episode 1.2"), Brida and Uhtred meet with Alfred, who has heard of Ragnar’s fall at Uhtred’s hands. ("Episode 4.2"), Jackdaw informs Cnut and Brida that they found Æthelred. She refuses to be a slave, which is a fate worse than death. They’ve come looking for Brida. Eardwulf asks her to stop, as it is clear sacrilege. He murdered the man she loved and blamed another. Uhtred then enters Sigefrid’s tent, cuts off Sigefrid's hand and forces the brothers to leave the land. All he asks that Brida listen to what he has to say.